Wanted Rear end covers

Looking for aftermarket heavy duty Dana 30&35 covers. They don’t have to be pretty just rugged, can’t justify buying new ones just to scrape them up.

solidaxle.com/productcart/pc … Category=7


That’s what I have had on mine and never a problem

Yup like $85 delivered to your door. excellent investment.

poision spyder has a great price on their diff covers too. Pretty much bullet proof stuff and about $85 each…

Check out this article on clearance issues with different models of differential covers:
wranglerforum.com/f5/best-di … 87195.html

There was a better thread on jeepforum.com but I can’t seem to find it. The one above gets the point across though.

I went with lower half differential skids (front & rear) because of clearance issues with my Currie steering and adjustable track bar set up. I also don’t run limiting straps or extended bump stops (I should because my crappy factory fenders take a beating from the tires) so at full stuff my track bar comes down in front of the pumpkin.

I ran stock covers on my 30/44 and never had an issue :sunglasses:

Check out gol or ballistic their 60 covers are stupid strong…