Im looking for a set of 2 jk 16" wheeks with or with out tires. I need them for my trailer.

I usually see these on CL in sets of 4 or 5 with worn out tires or no tires.

Interested to see what you come up with for a trailer!

They are also over priced on cl . I also don’t want to waste money passing for 2 or 3 rims thati would just trow out.

Nah… I’ve seen a set as low as 200…

Been looking on CL for the last 8 months…

From the dealer they sell for about $600 each!!! :open_mouth:

I’ve got one spare 17" rubi wheel?

Can I borrow it? I need to check to see if the bolt pattern works

Absolutely, when would you want it?

any time that you are going to be in the neighborhood

As I said and you dismissed, here is a set of 5 wheels and tires for $125,
can’t get much cheaper than $25 per wheel and tire!


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Posted: 2013-05-13, 8:55PM EDT



What is the bolt patter they would look sweet on my blazer

JKs are 5x5

Same as a WJ also