Wanted: Cheap and Economical Commuter Car

Put 20,000 miles on the JK in the past year. Can’t keep that up, the gas and oil changes are killing me alone, plus other wear and tear items that are getting worn way faster than necessary. I didn’t have to drive 60+ miles a day until 2 months after i bought it, so this much mileage was never expected!

Figured I’d put a feeler out with the crew. Looking to stay with something cheap, reliable, and good on gas. Hopefully will find that perfect deal that meets my needs for the right price. Only requirements are good gas mileage, mechanically reliable, and reasonable condition / mileage. I do prefer a manual transmission and want to stay around the $1500 to $3000 range.

I’ve been looking at late 90’s subaru’s, hondas, toyota’s, etc…I think you get the point. Not picky about what it is, it just needs to meet my needs and save me some cash!

Here’s one I might look at tonight if the seller ever responds: providence.craigslist.org/cto/3106591700.html

If anyone has a lead on something, let me know! Respond to this post, or if something comes up that looks like it’ll sell super fast, all my contact info is in the members section.