wanted_3/8" winch cable

i’m looking for a cheap 3/8" winch cable. i just need it for a couple rides as i’m planning on buying a synthetic line. but fiances aren’t quite there for that and i would like to have my winch up and running for the camp and wheel.

I never seem to have good timing, I litterly just scrapped my old winch cable :unamused:


I have one theres no end on it were it meets the spool

if its usable for me, i’ll take it. what do you want for it?

Yea its still good i ketp it for a spare and idk what ever realy

i’ll give you a call tomorrow

this seems like a good price
vikingoffroad.com/5-16-x-100 … mble-hook/

the winch originally had a 3/8" cable. could i still use a 5/16" synthetic line?

i still have my old winch. has the cable still on it with the hook. idk if you got one yet if not i still got it.

I don’t see why not. but here is a better deal. amsteelblue.com/item/AB516100R/

Diameter governs the capacity. The biggest issue when running synthetic is heat. The drums on some winches can get hot enough to melt synthetic. Buts thats only after HEAVY use.

P.S. 5/16" is a little small. Probably ok for a Wrangler though.

ya, if it’s all intact and in decent shape i’d like to steel it from you. what do you want for it? when are you around?

Iirc mikes cable is beat to shit lol real rusty… Like i said i have my 3/8ths notings wrong with it ill grab it wensday

thanks Gene, see you Wends.

thanks gene lmao