Visiting Clayton Offroad?

Call me cheap but I refuse to pay $9.68 in shipping for $9.00 in parts. If anyone is going by Clayton anytime in the future (and I’m in no rush for these whatsoever) I need two (2) of the following:

$4.50 each
Part #E4-GV1-Z044A04
TJ / LJ - Bonded Mount Bushing
OE Wrangler TJ/LJ 97-06
Rear lower shock location
Center hole diameter= .50" (1/2")
Bushing width = 1.47"
OEM type replacement bushings. High quality bonded bushings. Center pin is bonded to the rubber for a longer lasting bushing. Used with Bilstein shocks.

Link to the part on their website: … %20Bushing


I was planning to pick up a couple replacement johnny joints soon. I’ve met him at his home in East Lyme to pick up parts before. Cuts out about 40 minutes of travel time from his shop.

Whenever you decide to go by works for me, I’m in no rush at all. If you give me a heads up before hand I’ll call him and give him my card over the phone or just give you the cash. Prob be like $10 with tax.