I don’t know if anyone’s been to Vermonster before, but me and my son went last year and it was an awesome time. Awesome mud bog, rock crawling, mud drags and monster trucks. Non stop action from start to finish. Just thought I’d put up the info.

I’m familiar with it but never went. I think they also have one in the spring.

I’d like to make it up there sometime too, but it always conflicts with other things. I keep telling Jim (from Jim’s Custom Exhaust) that I’m gonna show up one of these times to see him race his mud boggin’ Mustang!

One of these days… :unamused: :laughing:

I did not realize Jim was into mud bogging. Hmmm. Maybe we should be exporing some sort of business relationship. . .

Yeah they do have one in the spring too. The mud bog is unbelievable. Noone made it trough last year. Hard to believe that trucks with 72" tires and 1000hp could get stuck. I am going again this year, definitely worth the trip.

Looks like a good time I just may find my way up there