used jeep maybe want to buy

I am starting research now. Friend son might be selling his 1993 jeep about 157000 miles on it. automatic. gonna find out what work needs to be done. Thinking of getting it for my daughter and slowly getting the work done if it is feasible and worth it. She wants one. Any knowledge will be helpful. thanks. Ill ask more as i find out more but better to go in with any kind of knowledge before discussion.


Wrangler, Cherokee, or Grand Cherokee?

I’d be on the lookout for major rust in a vehicle this old.

wrangler. soft I think. ill be looking this week. I goggled fair condition 2500. I think they will go down. long lost friends. been thru a lot. I was talking to him in winter about selling. then he wasn’t sure. just got off phone he is serious. he was working side job so ill get more details on work. I know window needs fixing. when I know more ill post it. might be good investment have get parts. daughter does not drive yet and if she pisses me off maybe can turn into my offroading one. lol