So I’ve began to realize that when my wheel is clocked all the way left or right and Idrive that I hear what sounds like a loud clicking noise, I’m assuming my U-Joints.
Has anyone else had a problem like this? if so was it the u-joints?
And last question of this multi-part diagnosis, how tricky are u-joints to replace? I know they’re relatively inexpensive to buy

i wonder the same thing because i get that noise too. but the ujoints are tight. i havent broken anything yet so i’ll just wait it out and carry spares.

ujoint replacement is pretty easy once you figure out the tricks

Most likely u-joints. Sometimes they are obviously bad by inspection and you can easily wiggle them by hand. Othertimes they are just bony inside and its not obvious.

We changed Matt’s last weekend. In theory a straightforward job. In practice it can sometimes be dicey if the shafts have been in there for a while.

Replacement Spicer joints can be had from Crown for very reasonable price; plus we get a club discount.

the joints from Crown are 27 buck for us

And note that this price is for the strong 760x u-joints. The weaker 297x and even weaker 260 u-joints can be had for a few dollars less but the 760’s are definitely worth a few extra dollars.

They aren’t bad to replace. There are a few tricks - I’ve got it down to about 20-45 minutes each depending on how much rust is involved.

Advanced Auto Parts does a great tool loaner program. You leave a deposit and use the tool - they have solid U and Ball joint presses for loan.

Oh and if it get’s a bit warmer I’m happy to help - unfortunately my garage has no heat.

I may be taking you up on that once I get a look underneath, which won’t happen today for fear or freezing in the prone position under my jeep, damn its cold out.