tube fenders

Have a set of blue torch fab day tube fenders never been installed on jeep decide tires are more important then these. They fit all tj’s. $150 firm. Also have brand new 31" mt mounted on stock aluminum jeep wheel $ 100 for that.

Will the fenders bolt up to a yj?

with a little messaging they would probably fit

I have a 32 oz massager that will work lol

I believe this is a weld-together kit. So no, they won’t “bolt up” to a YJ. A quick check of the BTF web site reveals different part #'s for the YJ and TJ tube fender kits. But they can’t be that different.

Yes they are a little different but since it is a weld together kit it can be easily modified with minimal effort.

all the pre-drilled holes will need to be re-drilled & the angles dont match


Still for sale guy never came to get them!

Sold for sure this time.