Tube Fenders and Motor Mounts!

I’m going to be starting work on installing my tube fenders and motor mounts tomorrow afternoon. I’m gonna be working at Bill’s house in Coventry. Text me if you’re bored and want to stop by and lend a hand (556-8107). I’ll be sure to post pics!

Ill probably stop on by :wink:

i’d stop by but i need to get some stuff on my deck. if you guys need any tools or anything give me a shout

Pretty good day. Fenders and motor mounts went on pretty quickly. I have a bit of an issue now though. After finishing everything up and reconnecting everything it won’t start! Any ideas what the issue could be? I’ve got fuel going up to the engine, fuses seem fine. Where should I start troubleshooting?

Some pics from the project.

One off.

Two off.

Shiny new bomb-proof motor mount.

One back on.

Second one back on.

Same problem I have!!!

There was a flimsy “ribbon mesh wire” between the block and body that I did not reconnect but it was so beat and almost falling apart I never imagine it could be the problem. Now I wonder???

Bad ground??

Yeah we reconnected everything that we took off so I feel pretty stumped. I guess that I’ll have to go through it all tomorrow and wiggle connections to make sure nothing came loose.

I am also having this issue, I had it running 2 weeks ago, im hopeing that its because i didnt have the battery connections tight he alternator just wasnt charging properly.

Is you starter turning, what is it doing/not doing (besides not starting)?

It’s cranking just won’t start. I’m getting fuel pressure in the line right before the injectors. I pulled a plug out of the block and cranked it over while it was plugged into the wire and there was no spark (is that the best way to test it?).

Are the coil wires intact? Maybe you hosed up the CPS?

Fenders look good though.

It was starting to get dark and rainy and I was tired while trying to figure this out last night. Everything looked fine though. I’ve read a lot of threads that say it could be the CPS based on the symptoms. I’ll check mine out after work to make sure its properly connected and not damaged.


The jeep looks gooed :sunglasses:

I still can think of what happened… but if there is no spark, it could be with the coil packs, or maybe even the camshaft position sensor, we might of pinched something when doing the motor monts

Yeah someone on JeepForum said that he pinched the wires for the CPS against the tub when jacking up the engine for the motor mount lift. I’ll be checking that out after work today.

And thanks again for the help Ricky :smiley:

What year is the jeep? 4.0 liter inline 6?

2000 4.0 liter

2000 still has distributor cap and rotor I believe, check those connections and the cap itself you could have damaged them if you jacked up the motor to high.

No distributor cap. I think 2000 was the first year to switch to the coil pack thing. I’m pretty stumped, don’t see any damaged or disconnected wires.

Have you tried jumping it? Maybe the battery doesn’t have enough juice.

It ended up being the CPS. It’s located almost on the top of the transmission bell housing, right where it meets the engine and also, in inconveniently, right where the firewall is. One of the wires coming out of the sensor was pretty much cut in half. It must have been damaged when we jacked up the engine.

glad you were able to figure it out. did you just end up splicing and taping or did you have to get a whole new wire?