tube fender

so I picked up a set of poison spyder front fenders a few weeks back, they are new, but had been sitting around for a while so I got a decent deal on them. I knew I was going to have to modify either the fender or my sliders, originally I was going to modify the fender, but after a little thought I figured cutting up the $200 sliders made more sense…which in the end was the best decision as the fitment will look much better. I didn’t plan on doing this today but my friend dean talked me into it, all the cutting sucked, and is done. just need to clean up all the sharp edges, paint fenders and install in time for the jeep festival


nice where did u get them

looks good, im glad they are not the but check ones lol

Looks good Jay.

Got them from Durands motor sports in Tiverton. He had brought them in a while back for a yj customer…he never took them. I prob saved 50-75 over retail cost. Hopefully should have everything buttoned up for saturday

Wash your Jeep.

finished grinding all the rough edges and got everything painted today. I used rustoleum truck bed liner on the fender wells and fenders, and top coated fenders using satin black rustoleum. tomorrow…install fenders, cut tubes on rockers to length, sleeve tube and weld. then according to eric I need to wash my jeep too

all that’s left to do is shorten the tubes on the sliders, sleeve, weld, grind, paint and wash

Nice. Hood needs a little love . . .