transmission need

I got a 44re out of a 97 grand with the 5.2 v8. mine is mechanically screw, so looking for one with kinda low miles around 100k will be fine

I have a 44re in the carcass of my old Grand. The transmission is a remanufactured unit installed by the Jeep dealership in North Kingstown when the Jeep had between 180k-190k miles. I retired the Jeep with about 220k miles. Its been sitting for two years now.

I’d be willing to give it to you for $150 if you pull it out. I will also “warranty” the transmission for a week or so to allow time for installation and testing.

Sounds like a good deal. When can I come over and get it. I have been babying mine for too long now

Whenever you want if you bring your own tools. I should be around Wednesday and Friday evening. The t-case is already out which simplifies the job. Just let me know what time is best for you and we can go from there.

Friday will be better for me. I dont get home from work till 6. And I will also need the converter mine is full of broken clutch material