Trailer Question

For those of you who have car/Jeep trailers, a couple questions:

Are you required to have it inspected yearly?

Is it registered in RI (or in your home state), or somewhere else? If so, why?

Does it get taxed?

If you own it on finance, do they require insurance?

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t own one but…

Inspection… No

Taxes… RI Yes… (of course)

Insurance… no, it’s insured from whatever is towing it.

Had 2, RI inspection IS required but never have had it done with no problems and have owned 3 over the past 20 yrs. Taxed yes, Insurance no, covered by tow vehicle. AJ

I have 2 trailers. Neither are car carriers, they are 1500# axle meant to be towed by a Jeep or truck.

I have not had a requirement for inspection.

Reg - yes, by mail.

I am taxed by my town like vehicle tax, but I think they are depreciated to the point where it no longer is subject to that.

I reg in RI because it is easy enough and the taxes were low.

I must submit proof of vehicle insurance as a proxy for trailer insurance at the time of registration. No further insurance is required.

Supposed to be inspected but I’ve never had one. I know people who have been ticketed for no sticker while hauling scrap into exeter scrap. I think if the trailer looks clean none of the cops care.

RI is reasonable for trailer registrations. MA costs ridiculous $.

Like JJ said, subject to property tax not much for a $3k trailer.

Trailers are covered under the tow vehicle policy. Not sure how that works with financing.

On my enclosed.

Reg in ri and taxed yearly

Your vehicle covers while hooked but i insure the trailer to cover the buggy and trailer when sitting.

Never heard of needing a inspection.

I just put a down payment on a new trailer.
property tax yes.
some loan companies want insurance some don’t ask.
state inspection yes. but no one does it.
I was told by trailer dealer insurance is about $100 a year