trail spares

everything is from a TJ or and XJ. i have some track bars and drag links and tie rods, rear trackbar relocation bracket. there is a low pinion D30 gutted and a D35 with no axle shafts. D35 c-clip eliminated axle shafts. D30 short side axle shaft but with the 290 ujionts. Ford 8.8 gutted and all brackets removed, it has 3.73’s but the bearings have seen better days.

i also have a small dog crate. its a little used but will still do the trick. Also have 2 mountain bikes good for kids

make me an offer, all proceeds do the the OSJ Land Use Fund. i will be dropping all this stuff off to the scrap yard on Tuesday or Wednesday

That 8.8 a disk brake axle, I need a new housing ,mine has a little tweak to it.what da ya want for it?

i have the brackets and you can have the old calipers as cores. $35 sound good?

how much do you want for the D30 shaft?

5-10 bucks?

$35 sounds good, will not be able to come get it till either sat morning or afternoon, if thats ok with ya. just need a address. AJ

i can drop everything i have off to you. i need to get this stuff off my lawn :confused: i think i am missing a couple things i.e. the brake backing plate on one side and possibly one of the brake actuators. but any of those parts should be pretty cheap

If ya can drop it off that great , I am mostly after the housing found out mine has a slight bend to it, going to got mine rlace all bearings & use my axles,locker & gears. . PM ed ya. AJ

cool i should be able to get it to you tomorrow

Derick, is the gutted low pinion D30 gone? If not let me know how much, Stickman is interested in it, I’ll try to call you sometime today
Joe sr.

Derick, just drop it in front of the shed on the side of the rv,you can backup right over the lawn. AJ

ok, i can probably drop it off tomorrow morning or after i get out of work