Trail Shaft & Pinion Angle

Tools Needed:

Sockets 8mm, 13mm





First I Removed The Bolts & Clips I installed on the rear pinon yoke for safe keeping (8mm)

then installed all the bolts on the tcase output yoke and the cv end of the trail shaft (13mm)
i also used Loctite just to be safe.

rember to install all the bolts hand tight befor tightening down any of the bolts

the bolts and clips on the rear pinon yoke (8mm)
i also used Loctite just to be safe.


Well I Just Adjusted The Rear Upper Control Arms To Remove The Drive Line Vibes…

Tools Needed:

420 Channel Locks
15mm Socket


First I Lossed The Retaining Nut With The Channel Locks on both Rear Upper Control Arms

Then I Used The Ratchet and 15mm Socket To Remove The Upper Control Arm Bolt From The Frame Pocket

While Both Arms Are Hanging Down Turn Them Both Counter Clockwise To Extend Them

Remember to do both side equally, if you have any hope of retaining your current alignment

After you extend the control arms to the desired lenght, you can reinstall the control arm bolts in the control arm pocket…

you’ll have to push up on the pinion to roll the pinion up so you can line up the arms to the bolt holes in the pocket

i highly recommend to use a floor jack for that… but i just used brute strength to roll the pinion up.

once those bolts are tight, dont forget to retighten the Retaining Nut With The Channel Locks on both Rear Upper Control Arms


And Now I Have No More Drive Line Vibes!

i’ve been debating on weather to get UAC or not. i don’t think i’ll need them yet but i might pick up a pair

UAC = upper adjustable control arms?

if so, install your sye and see if you have and drivelive vibs. if so the upper adjustable control arms can be used to adjust your pinion angle…

if you dont have drive line vibes, you dont have to get them… and i wouldn’t… as when you get a advanced lift, it’ll come with adjustable uppers and/or lowers.

but talk to other people, i could be wronge.

Very nice job on the write up(s)! :sunglasses:

is it fair to say if a kit does not come with adj. control arms then most likely u will not need them? just bought a RE 4.5 kit and im hoping i will nou need nhem since i cant afford them

you should be fine in the front. I dont have them for my 4" lift as well and it seems fine. The rear is were you would need to worry about vibes, but you are using a transfer case drop so that will take care of you problem there.

We just put 4.5" in my son’s XJ with a t-case drop and no severe vibes as far a I know.

man, i have a SYE and drive shaft sitting in my shed just waiting to be installed. i really need to get on that

sweet… thanks

heres more detailed info from my local jeep club forum