TNT Customs Tube Fenders

To Prepare For Losing My Turn Signals That Were Built Into My Fenders, I Installed Some 2 1/2" Amber Marker Lights In The Grill

Optronics MCL-55AK Amber, or MCL-57AK Amber (Can’t Rember)

well i have started my install of my new tnt customs tube fenders with 3 inch flare.

started the install today ;D

what i started with… i installed new turnsignal ligths 2 weeks ago in preperation of this install.

here is my homemade warm air intake (or cai… i belive the only true cai is a snorkel)…

i used a univerisal 3inch cone filter and a univerisal breather cone filter

pass side removed…

had to drop the sliders for the install :cry:

side view fenderles

pass side with inee fender support removed (this is what the battery is bolted to)…

drivers side gone!..

my dixie air horns (which were bolted to the driver side iner fender support with was removed. so now i have to discover a new home for them :cry:

heres all the pics that i have. … g%20there/

… ill post up the rest of the install when i finish tomorow. ;D

finished the flat fender install today!

first we monted the fenders losely and removed the head light bezels…

driver side shot

pass side shot

almost done…

the acceserys will pretty much tell ya where to mount them.

had to trim the sliders to fit…

gonna trim the cutoff to fit and weld back on when perfect…

dont forget to readust grill and tighten all bolts


a/c lines are just twisted up slightly to clear fenders

as a note to anyone trying this or any mod…

ziplock bags and a sharpie are your best friends!

Big Thanks To Pas And Chris For Helping!

i have some extra money so i was looking around on where to spend it. i might go with the Xenon flares… … eepFlare_2

i like those too… but you should research them, see what people(how wheel) have to say about them… i know my old bushwacker flares broke eaisily from tire rubbage

ya, i just saw them. i’ll probably do some research when i get home. i just want to gain some extra flex space. i guess i could cut my existing flares to. i’ll have to look into it some more.

i finaly found a picture of one of the jeeps in my local jeep club… he turned it into a “motivational poster”… but it shows that the tnt fenders are strong. they were not damaged from this.