TJ wanted

I know this is a long shot but I am looking for an inexpensive (another word for cheap) and stock TJ to be used as a daily driver so none of the big toys. Doesn’t matter on the engine / trans combination. Not worried about doing repairs if I can save a few dollars. Jen is in need of a new vehicle so I figured I would try to get her a jeep for her B-day which is next week UGH…

Let me know what you got or any good leads.


check out newengland0ffroad on fb

I eill take a pic and get you of a number of one for sale down the road me and mike check it out. It looks. Pretty clean has a small lift like two inch but nice clean jeep ill post more tomorrow

thanks guys! appreciate the help

a friend of mine is looking to sell his…prob not yet posted. maybe a 98 or so, but its a 4cyl. you can call him…his name is john 401.639.4402

Thanks for the lead. I spoke to him and he’s asking $6000 for it.

sounds a bit high I think?

I thought so too.

you could prob chisel him down