Tj stuff For Sale

Tj stuff For Sale

JKS B1 1.25" Body Lift System $50

Other tj parts today only

All that’s needed is longer shocks? No need for adjustable trackbar or any other brackets?

Do u have the steering box forsale

do you still have your exhaust?

that is correct

Sold, sorry

All i hav left is the y pipe with the cats

How much do you want for it?

Prices reduced

Still have some stuff left.
My aunt is starting to get on my case about the stuff in the yard.

ill do 40 for the body lift does it come with lift for the radator or linkage for tc and did derick grab the cats give me a price on it thx

I did but I’m not sure if they will work for me. Let me just do a little more research chances are I won’t be able to use them so they are yours for what I paid.

Thx I just need to make sure that’s the problem

body lift is yours.
whats the jeep doing that makes you think it may be the cats

last inspection they said its was going. my engine light has been on for over a year. sence its been cold it went away and then turned on again when it wormed up a couple weeks ago. so im thinking cold air is thinner. seance i dont have sensors on the cat near the exhust i think its the other. you had a 4.0 right never even checked…are you still working at arnold lumber maybe i can swing by and pick up the body lift if im not working becouse of the snow

ya mine was the 4.0 with the mini cats on the y & 4 o2 sensors,
i’m still at Arnold i go to lunch around 11:30ish & am out at 4, i also will be headed to the Warwick area tomorrow after work.
just shoot me a text first to make sure i remember to grab it in the morning.
it does have the radiator nubs but no tc plate. i never had an issue not using it as long as you adjust the connecting rod