TJ rocksliders

rock sliders.jpgOK, so I welded on some frame mounted rock sliders. These are similar to OR fab versions that cradle the tub. These are bedlined and full welded. They come from Willis Motorsports. You can commission a set from Jimmy for a bit less than the retail from online and theres no shipping to pick them up in Portsmouth ri.

I am posting this pic in case anyone out there like me wants a better option for the buck. If you wanted a different color, or to add a side jack point or something, Jimmy can add it for you.

Im real happy with them. Check them out in person next time you see me on a trail ride. Message me if you want info

they look great man

Last I checked it looked like you need sliders?

OK, sliders first, then winch, then Aussie locked front. … I’m doing it in the order where I I get in the least trouble for once!

Lock the front next

X2, that’s what I did. I bought the locker first and then 4 years later finally bought a winch.

One winch = 2 lockers + larger tires. :mrgreen:

i got my winch luckily for 150 plus a couple bucks for the cable and fairlead and then won one in a raffle. i haven’t used my winch yet but used my locker a bunch

Why bother now? The dents are starting to grow on me.

Besides, boat sides are cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

lock rear first/detroit. love my setup, and otherwise feel if i had locked front first i wouild have less ability on trail, especially when climbing