Just a fun thread I felt like putting up to see what others thought.
This could be of much help to people that are shopping around for new rubber.
I was looking to see if anyone was a fan of these tires??? Or had/have these and can comment.

Nitto mud grappler
Pitbull rockers
Toyo open country mt
Goodyear mtr
maxxis creepy crawler
Mickey Thompson baja Mtz
BFG krawler red label

“I have the grapplers now, I no there on the list but if anyone was debating on getting them I Highly recommend them.”

Radial irocs

The Krawler red labels are the stickiest tire you can get for the rock. Mark Shea had them on his YJuggy at GTD this weekend. I rode with him Saturday morning and the traction was beyond belief. Life expectancy on the road is a few thousand miles.

That’s crazy!

pitbull rockers!!!


I like my goodyear MT/Rs. They handle well enough on the road, and haven’t let me down on the trail yet. And with the Kevlar reinforced side walls I’m able to go down to 8 psi and haven’t popped a bead yet ( knock on wood).

They sound bad ass


They sound bad ass

Can’t say it’s a fact or not, but I Heard a guy said he can go down to 1psi. ??? Crazy right???

i bring my LTB’s down to 4psi. they are just about impossible to balance correctly though

bf km2’s here…second set, and love them. good road manners, air down well and great on the trail


I’ve got the Goodyear Kevlars, they are awesome. Great on and off road.