Tires for sale! Good condition.!!

Selling a set of 5 bf Goodrich !

price/ size

I’m at work now so I’ll have to look when I get out, but they are small! Hence why I don’t want them any more. I’m not sure what size. Asking 500… For the set of 5… But willing to take best offer.

you get the size yet? looking for a set of tires.

They are bfgoodrich 30 inch tires for 15 inch rims

All terrain, mudders?

All terrain. I’ll post a picture in a couple minutes. There in great condition. Tread will burry a nickel!

It won’t let me upload any picture of the tires , but my number is 4016802162 I’ll txt you some pics.

Compress the pictures or host them on Photobucket.

Well I tried that and it kept saying it was too big. And they were very tiny.

Strange. The maximum attachment size is 256KB which should easily accomodate compressed images up to 1024x768. Hmmm.