Tire Question

I can’t remember will a 35x12.5 Tire fit on a 15x8 Rim, is 8" big enough? Im sure there will be comment on this one LOL

Yes. Its perfect.

And 8" is better than 6". :mrgreen:

size does matter :laughing:

each tire company lists suggested rim sizes. 8" would be my preferance unless a 7.5" was available. 10" is good for the street, but not for wheeling. The narrower the wheel, the less likely to blow the bead when wheeling aired down. I’ve run the 33 x12.50 on a 7" rim without a problem.

it all comes down to backspacing

I have 35x12.50s on mine I air down to omost noting never had an issue. But 8s are fine all depends on backspacing. I think mine are 3.75

Also, you might verify that those 15" wheels will fit around your calipers before putting money on the table. 15" alloys probably will not. 15" steelies may still require a little grinding on the caliper.

Those 35 fell thru, i asked to hold them till i got back from FL and he sold them, but looking at 37’s for cheap, 16.5 rim, they have that size rim on 4wd.com

There are some nearly brand new 36" Super Swamper on CL right now. Guy says he will go as low as $550 so they could be gone already.

My buddy bought those last night. Screaming deal. all 5 are like new on rims. Paid $400.

FWIW… 16.5’s don’t have inner bead locks and unseat very easily when aired down.