tire pressure

Hi all,still putting the jeep backtogether,8.8 is in just need to make brake lines,remove the 3.07s and install the 4.10"s & the aussie locker in the front axle. I just purchased some 33-10.50 15 bfg mt"s and was wondering what pressure i should run them at on the street. I aws thinking to start at 30 psi. any suggestions? I can’t wait to take this thing in the woods. hope to be on the road in about 3 weeks.

im running 27 psi… but when you get your tires on the jeep you can use chalk to see how they wear, then adjust the psi so it wears evenly

i normally run them at what the factory recomends. mine is 33 psi. but the chalk thing works the best

It also depends on the tire’s load rating. My BFG’s were load range D and even 25 lbs was high for the street on my Jeep.

The sidewall should list the maximum weight capacity at such and such psi. The easiest way to get in the zone is to start with the vehicle weight and divide it by 4 which gives you the weight each tire needs to support. Divide this number by the weight capacity of the tire and then multiply by the max psi listed on the tire. For example:

4,500 lb vehicle
3,000 lbs at 55 psi listed on the sidewall

4,500/4 = 1,125 lbs per tire
1,125/3,000 = 0.375
0.375 * 55 psi = 20 psi

If you follow this procedure chances are you will be close to passing the chalk test from the get go. Since the weight distribution is not 50/50 front-to-rear you can account for the difference with a slight modification of the procedure given above.

Hope to see you on the trail soon!!!

does anybody elses head hurt?

Dude that’s way to complicated for this time of night

he’s and engineer man what do you expect

THANKS EVERYONE!, looking forward to meeting ya all,now I just gotta get this thing done.