tie rod

Any one have a hd tie rod they want to sell for a tj

Is their any shops I can pick one up before sat

I have the hd one that crown sells, its basically a zj stock set up but its much better than the stock tj one, also by now crown should have the ones made from DOM tube by now
let me know, you can have mine for say $75

What’s wrong with the tie rod that you have?

After buying and then bending numerous HD tie rods I have concluded its cheaper and easier to just run what ya got and carry a spare.

Nothing wrong with it I have a spare I think I may go with rusty over knuckle tire to tire . And get rid of the y set up I just want it a little more beef it look so sad with the stock and I swear when I hit a bump I can feel the tie rod bending or floping lol I know its not but still

You can just wait till i get up there and i will make you one. I have some 1.5 x .5 wall dom :smiling_imp: Left oveer from my steering. You wont bend it.

Take a look at JCR offroad and their one ton steering set up.