Thanks for letting me join!

:smiley: Hello everyone one my name is Brian and I am very excited to have the opportunity to become a potential member. I am from Attleboro, MA and have enjoyed wheeling most of my life. My current rig is a 2021 JLUR on 3.5 game changer lift with 6 Pac shock, 37" BFG KM3 on Method MR106 true bead locks, Artec trusses bumpers and skid plates, Genright fenders and inners, RCV axles, Teraflex calipers and rotors, PSC hydro assist, Dyna Trac ball joints… so basically I’m broke…LOL I really look forward to meeting everyone and doing some wheeling!
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Welcome Brian. Give it a little time, it wont be just your wallet that’s broke!

Welcome to the Just Empty Every Pocket club!

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Welcome. Nice Jeep. Let’s get some scratches or dents on it! IN all seriousness, OSJ has alot to offer and most properties have green or blue trail options to keep Jeeps “drive-able” after the day…

Welcome, you’ll fit right in here…