Thanks for having me

Hi, I’m Jonathan Cornwell living down in South County. I’ve recently purchased a 2010 Rubicon Unlimited. I was fortunate in that the previous owner had started some of the mods that I would have done. My only off road experience is that of beach driving and I’m looking forward to meeting those of you who could teach me the basics of off roading and helping me to realize the capabilities of my jeep.

Welcome. make sure you come to the jeep feast on sat. And check out off roading 101.

welcome Jonathan

like Tad said, come on out to the JeepFest next weekend.

Also make sure to put an app in so we can open up the events portion of the forum for you

welcome we look forward to getting u out on the trail we have a great group here and will help u out along the way


Welcome to the forum.

How do u hear of the club

Application is in and I look forward to meeting everyone on Sat. Is there an schedule for saturday’s events? I’m pretty sure that I first heard of the OSJ on the website. Any suggestions on how to downsize a picture that I have for my avatar?


welcome i use a program called irfanview to downsize my pics

Welcome to the forum!