I am the lurking member that most everyone knows, but never gets out on the trail very often with you guys. Hopefully this year that will be different. I’m the Vice-President of another club in the NEA. Always nice to do things with you guys as well.

Have to post a couple pics.

Other toy. No longer left in NH for the summer… so can anyone say Beach Pond Cookout!

nice. hows the D60 treating you?

We’re always looking for a couple more people for trail rides. we’ll make sure Cookiemanx keeps you in the loop

It wants a friend

it may have a friend soon. lookin into d60s myself :smiley:

nice jeep!..

also I too is looking for some tons… :smiling_imp:

Off topic, I have a 60 for sale. carry on.

I’m presently searching… read scouring the earth… for a wrecked quadrasteer Chevy truck. They run a modified D-60 with electic/mechanical rear steering with auto centering. On the Chevy, the thing steers the rear wheels with the front and opposite the front depending on how fast your going. I would like to have rear steer at the push of a 3 way intermittent switch. middle position for stright and a left/right intermittent. It won’t yield as much steering as a full out 14/60 hybrid. But, it will work well on a daily driven rig and help this school bus turn in the tight spots. Added bonus of less rear steering is not requiring body and frame mods.

You might consider an animal sacrifice. . .