tech day

planning to work on the rig Saturday if anyone is interested

ill be yanking the engine, tranny, unbolting any other stuff that maybe in my way, as well as some 12oz curls

pm or text for the address

I’ll be at the NEA meeting most of the day. How late you working 'till?


prob be there all night im guessing

are you doing this down in TivertonI i may be able to stop over for the an hour or two after work

yes, a stones throw from the atlantic sports pub

what time are you planning on starting

Need a engine hoist or a tranny jack? Have both and just around the corner.

no thanks, the garage was handsomely stocked with most of the necessities

prob get started around lunchtime or so

Bankers hours!!!

Let me know if you still working on the jeep let me know a time I’m free all morning and afternoon. Pm me address.

If you need a heater let me know I can bring a bullet heater. Worked great for me the last few weekends.

Pm sent, garage has heat. Just purchased 50gal oil for $185…ouch

I’m in…
Is this near second beach?
Time and an address please!

I was thinking Atlantic Beach Club…

thanks to all for the help. 2 30-packs, 2 pizzas later my rig is completely torn down and awaiting new frame and engine to be installed. thankfully my sketchy setup to hoist the tub off frame didnt kill anyone. gonna try to get back there Friday night

what are you swapping in?

new frame and a 4.0L

ill be wrenching it up again this Saturday if anyone is interested. looking to get axles back under new frame and perhaps engine as well

Should be able to get there around noon

uhm stay posted gene, thanks. I have to meet with a customer in the am as well as try to do a bunch of erands. looking like itll prob be a bit later in the afternoon

call before you leave