tech day

Im gonna be putting on a trailer hitch on the yj. Could use a few hands I have to cut off my bumber thats welded on drop the gas tank to get to the bolts for the hitch and modify tge bumper to go back on. If its cold I can use my uncles garage has a wood stove… thinking of this Saturday.

Why dont you put the receaver thru your bumper and be done?
you wont ever be towing any large loads with it.

Ummm…Yup, what he said^^^^^

Lol the bumper has one built in and is not for pulling a trailer… I put a 5x8 empty on it and its scary the bumper flexs. I tow the trailer with two atvs on it so yea it will have prob a 1k lb load on it two atvs wiegh 800lbs plus the trailer. I have the hitch was on my heep before just never put it back on when I built this one.

I’ll swing through.

I should be available in the afternoon.

send me the address

This already happened this past Saturday Gene.