Tech Day Saturday October 12th

Anyone around this Sat who can lend a hand on a few parts install or just want to hang out?

To do…
Aussie D30 locker / poison spyder cover install - Yes I broke down and finally bought one
Rear drive shaft u-joints both of them - have a vibration at 50 mph and think it is the u-joints
Rear axle pinion seal - leaking pretty bad
Savvy Adjustable alum lower front control arms - install and adjust pinion angle
Front end alignment
Help find what is banging in the rear when backing up - happens some times…

if time permits
Auto trans pan gasket replacement on Jen’s jeep

I have the tools already so all I need is the hands!

I will buy pizza and beer / soda and if you bring your jeep you can go play on my trail.

I should be out there around 8:30 until finished or run out of steam

i can swing by for a couple hours in the AM

thanks…any help is appreciated!

I will be in Vegas this weekend. But I will be thinking of you . . . :mrgreen:

I hope you wont be thinking about me…thats kind of freaky… :laughing:

I have some work to do in the morning but can be there in the afternoon

Great thanks! my address and cell is in the member’s section or you can PM me for it. I probably wont head out there if its raining.

I really want to come buy but I will be working. And havebto try getting my jeep back on the toad. After everything mike found wrong or broken or beat up

I will be there in the morning.

sorry Glenn i wont be able to make it in the AM. staying in Newport friday night and wont be back on the main land till the afternoon. i’ll swing by after if your still out there.

No problem guys if you can make it then great and if not that’s okay too. Mike do you still have the address?

Yes I still have address. Are there any tools you may need?

Mike I should be all set with tools… unless my dog decides to break into the garage and hide those too… :laughing:

Send me your address in a PM please. I’ll probly get there around 1:00 I have an appointment on the Cape first.

PM Sent

For anyone coming by to help, watch, ride the trail or need to get their CB adjusted, pull into the driveway / park out front and head down to the bottom of the driveway.

Heading out there now.

Big thanks to Mike, Ricky and Gene fr stopping by to lend a hand!!! We finished the rear pinion seal, both rear drive shaft u-joints, front lower control arms, both axle u-jionts and best of all the Aussie locker and poison spyder cover.

Gene decided to try may trail… sadly his nice jeep now needs a new bumper and front passengers fender flair.

those fenders are pretty simple to fix, because they are designed to be ripped off.

just pick some clips up form the dealer

WTF? Did your bumper get hit by a stray cannon ball careening through the woods :question: :question: :open_mouth:

It must have been a cannon ball because I didn’t see it coming

now you look like most JK’s… LOL

You can drill a hole in the bumper and fill it with expanding foam and that won’t happen again. As for the fender, zip ties work the best. :slight_smile: