tech day 3/29

motor swap day start at 11 ill buy pizza byob.will finsh up anything i need to on sunday.all help is appreciated

5 rayner st blackstone ma 01504…

its the first house on the left

I can stop after my tax appointment which is at 2

I have a free pair of hands you can put to use. Need anything specific in the tool department?

We have absolutely everything needed just need the bodys to get it done :smiley:

sorry i cant make it Matt, i have my buddies wedding this weekend

Thats kool iv got a hole xj to build befor gotopless.well thats what im shooting for

:laughing: seems to be everyones goal. it WAS mine but that not going to come true so i might as well help you guys get a little closer to making it happen, just post up when you’re ready

I think I can come by if you need the help?


good luck matt, sorry I would help if I could, but also have a GD wedding Saturday…and if sunday I can peel myself off the floor, I will try to get going on my rig as its STILL in pieces

I would come up but need to replace a fuel pump,radiator and a power stearing pump on the buggy

I’ll try to come by when I’m through working

Thanks guys ill be there all day.I will also post sat night if ill he there sunday witch I could count on.text me if you want 508-728-2164


I’ll try to stop by…but it’s kinda a long ride



See you shortly

should be there around 2:30 ish… Do you need the E12 top tranny bolt socket or fuel line disconnect tool?

thanks for all the help guys…we will be there tomorrow at 10 to finish up odds and ends.