Tech day 11/23

I could use some help saturday afternoon installing a 2 1/2 ’ budget lift, winch and new tires.
No very mechanical and I don’t have a jack.

G :ugeek: Gene

I can probably come down and lend a hand. ill confirm a little later in the week.

great, I could use all the help I can get. thanks

I should make it after my son special Olympics. I never did a jk before but if it’s like my TJ u should rent a spring remaval tool. To compress the springs to get them out. It came in handy. Any parts store has them just needs a deposit. I can bring my jack. And some tools. What time and is your address in the contact list.

Tad, I was told I wouldn’t need a spring compressor And I was thinking around noon.129 William Henry Rd N.Scituate 508-962-2021

BTW - Plenty of room… 2 car garage

Might need one, depends on how much you want to disconnect from your axle, IE brakes and stuff

I have one you could borrow but will not be able to help this time. Going to the Jeff Dunham show that afternoon.
If Brandon does go I can get it to him to bring along.

you shouldnt need one. nothing a ratchet strap and some leverage cant handle. i have some stuff to do in the AM but i’ll try to swing by for a few

You can get away without spring compressors on the JK, just pull the brake calipers and you will have plenty of extension. good on the 2-car garage. i did mine in the middle of winter in a 1-car. that sucked.

What kit did you end up picking up?

Tad, I honestly don’t know. I told Chris at Jeep n Stuff to get me one. I do know it has the front 3/4’ spacers for for the shock to level the jeep as well

should be an easy job, I might be able to swing on by. i might be working & i’ll see what sarah has planed.

pm me the address and the time you plan on starting.

I’ll be able to lend a hand

great, the more the merrier

things changed from 2 1/2" spacer lift to a 3 1/2 " rough country suspension. no winch for now.
I can get the tires off no problem I think, then lost after that. How does 9:00-10:00 sound to get started. I borrowed Glens hydraulic jack and jack stands, I have a decent set of wrenches.
address is
129 William Henry Rd
N.Scituate RI.
Its a long driveway. Just pull up to the garage and use door on right of garage


This one?

thats the one

if i was you i would pick up some anti seize, locktight and some PB blaster. i ran out of anti sieze and low on lock tight and i left my PB blaster at glens. i will be bringing some tools and the floor jack and anything i can think off. i should be there after special Olympics around 11 if you think of anything let me know…cell 401 480 4598

I have got beaker bars and torque wrenches too that I’ll bring.

I’ve got tread tight, just bought it today. I don’t know what PB blaster is