Ok now that my election is over I can get back to the important stuff. I have an SYE to be installed but I’m guessing I need to find a new rear driveshaft before I do (hopefully with some club help) :unamused: any suggestions on what size I would need to order or where I could get one. I have a 98TJ with a 3" skyjacker suspension lift and a 1 1/2" coil spacers.

If you want to do it the correct way, you should install the SYE and then measure for the drive shaft. I’ll be working on my Jeep Saturday and Sunday. If you want to stop by we can make it into a tech day. The only problem is you will have to drive home in 4WD using only your front driveshaft.

I concur with Chris. Install SYE first, measure for driveshaft second.

Cockcroft in East Providence will build you a driveshaft in a day.

just check what they want to charge you first. i’m running a chopped down XJ front driveshaft.

Second corcroft , they built me a cv front shaft, if anything get a good used cv front shaft just to reuse the double joint part. they are EXSPENSIVE brand new.

Damn I missed your post and missed the assistance. Ok so install SYE and then measure got it. I will be looking forward to the next tech day so I can finally get this installed.