SYE install

I think i might go after this, this weekend. any advice from you guys that have done it. any special tools i should have? i have snap ring pliers all the sockets and everything. i do need to find U-joint straps and bolts, if anybody has any laying around or can suggest where to find a set. i remember Eric mentioning to watch out for bearings falling out. not sure if i’m gonna drop the whole thing or try to do it in place.

My 242 had a bunch of needle bearings inside the planetary. When I pulled the shaft out the bearings fell all over the place and got covered with dirt. I assume the 231 has a similar set-up. My $0.02 is that it will be easier to pull the case and work on a bench.

i never installed one myself yet… but i know people who installed on with the case still in the jeep…

i second the install on a bench method… i know i hate working lying on my back.

also if you search there are probably lots of great write ups to give you an idea of what to expect

We split mine in half last weekend… forget if you were here for that or not. The SYE was installed so we just put the right halves together. It was easier than taking the front half off the transmission. You can do the SYE install from the back half… I’d say split it, pull out the back half, and then do the install on a bench. Getting the front apart from the transmission sucks. At least on a YJ there are 3 very hard to reach bolts.

kind of going by this. i think i’ll leave it in. i know it’s gonna be a bit more of a pain but i just don’t want to have to pull everything.

i bought the straps from NAPA for 6.99 so that works. i just have to wait for my buddy to get home so i can work in his driveway.

you should go ahead and install a wide chain , and tera 2-lo and install them while your at it.

did you do the sye yet? how did it go?

not yet, theres been so much going on and the weather has been to crappy every weekend to lay on the ground and get this done. i’m hoping to get to it either this Friday night or possibly Saturday/ Sunday, depends on what my buddy Rich is up to.