Suprises all over

So I decided since my garage is full of wood pellets I would bite the bullet and have WC Motorsports install my SYE. Well that’s where it started…I asked them to swap out my rear axle shafts while it was on the lift since I believed the passenger rear was bent causing the tire wobble…long story short…the locker i had no idea what it was in the dana 35 is a Detroit locker and part of a super 35 kit the previous owner had installed. Needless to say WC couldn’t install my spare cromoly shafts because I bought 27 spline not knowing the super 35 kit was installed. So now I have to buy 2 sets of 30 spline shafts (so I have a spare). Good news is I found out now and not after I broke on the trail thinking I had spares…

just swap in a 8.8

I couldn’t even figure out I had 30 spline instead of 27 and you think I can handle swapping in an 8.8… Basically I bought someone else’s problems and now I’m paying for it. Lesson learned I will build from stock next time so I know what’s going on… I’m just hoping I can get the jeep fixed soon so I can actually get in on a ride again soon now that my weekends have freed up again.