Super 8.8 Kit

Well… after a solid week’s worth of evenings, the Heeps sitting on all fours again!

The install was pretty straight forward. However - taking apart an Aussie locker sucks, and I’m hoping that I never break the shafts 'cuz getting them back out is going to be a nightmare - They seat in TIGHT!

So why the upgrade? - had a shot bearing and seal in the drivers side - yeah sure, it’s doesn’t justify the work, but hey, “while you’ve got it apart…”

The dreaded Aussie locker uninstall -

The pins are the worst, tried with a screwdriver, but couldn’t get enough friction to slide them so I made a “tool”

Here’s the difference… stock Dana 35 on left, stock 8.8 in middle, Super 88 on right.

Getting the pressed in bearings out was a nightmare - ended up cutting the axle tube off (which you have to anyway) ground the edge off a 2.5" washer and got it in behind the bearing and used another “tool” to pull them out.

Here’s the ground off tube:

And what it used to look like -

Next to press on the new bearing seats -

Make sure you grind off the rust before re-assembly -

you can see where the new bearing seat fits -

Here’s why taking it apart isn’t going to be fun - but hopefully I won’t ever need to.

The whole thing should take about a day, but I re-worked my ebrakes and a couple other jobs while I was at it. The only issue I had was that somebody at Superior missed a lug nut hole when they were tapping it out at the factory.

i’m looking forward to and not looking forward to ripping apart the 8.8 i have. i want to do all new seals. i wish i had the money to upgrade axles while it was apart uh well something else to save up for. i saw you were going to sell your spare shafts. find a buyer yet?

looks good Jonny! where you been?

Nice writeup Jon, very nice!

Looks good.

I’ve never seen lugs that thread in. All mine have been pressed in.

In my garage!

I’ve been pulling a lot of hours at work, and spending all my spare time getting the Heep back on the road. It’s going to be short lived though. am going to need a frame swap sometime in the very near future.

whats the big deal about an aussie locker? they are super easy to install/uninstall.

are 8.8 axles c-clip axles?.. if so, that might explain your difficulty. i have never installed an aussie on a c-clip axle, so i assume that it might be a little more interesting install…

anyways great job on the super 88 install

ya, the 8.8’s are c clip axles

it’s a pain in the arse to get the pins out - in picture - then I only have 1/8" movement in the shafts to position the c-clip over the recess in the locker and use a zip tie to start it wiggling out. Took forever to get the first c-clip off - the second was a piece of cake and yeah, if you don’t have c-clips they aren’t bad to put back in. Without c-clips it’s a 10-15 minute job… with c-clips add in another 45 minutes of farting around to get it apart.

that explains that, learning things everyday :smiley: