still clanking after lifters!!

ok…so I feel I did an amazing thing “fixing” my own jeep…however…wtf#@!! she still clanks and knocks…if it isn’t the lifters or anything in the valve train…what could it be??? Knock sensor maybe?? HELP!

Bummer. How many miles?

Knocking is normally crank bearings or piston pins. A bad lifter would make more of a ticking sound.

Detonation also produces a knocking sound but normally only occurs when the engine is under load like when accelerating hard from a stop. Modern engines should not detonate because the computer will retard the timing to prevent it.

it has about 130k…oh no…I am soo bummed! couldn’t it be something simpler than that?? know anyone that has a used 2.5 for sale?

i will ask around. i can prolly find something

what about putting a 4.0 in there

hey Derick…would be nice, but isn’t that major work? More than just swappin’ engines?

no clue? :blush: cant be thaaaatttt hard :laughing:

HA! ya right… … ?id=277042

Probably easier to swap a v8 in then a 4.0.

3.0 Iron Duke. Bell housing adapter, motor mount kit, and done. They are stronger, more powerful, indistructable, and completely self contained… .need no computer mods to work. The same goes for the 3.8L buick/olds v-6 out of an early 80’s Regal/Cutlass. Get crazy and put a complete 3.8L out of a JK in it. That would require a little more work with compters and stuff. I know someone in this club that has a brand new motor/tranny out of a JK sitting in his garage with all the harnesses and a computer. :smiley:

There are 3 major companies doing hemi swaps on TJ’s and JK’s. They have stock motor/transmissions for cheap cheap. Most have none to very little miles on them. I got mine from Burnsville Offroad in MN. They had so many at the time I just had to pay shipping on the pallet. Came with 2 complete assembiles on the pallet.

jeep chix if you run out of options swing back by my work on like monday and Ill tell you what cylender is giving you the problem

could be piston slap, like i said try lucas oil on your next oil change may have to do it more then once but i’ll tell you that my 4.0 sounded like a washing machine when i got it, after 2 oil changes the noise’s were gone :mrgreen:

If you need a 2.5l, try jeeps unlimited in providence. he normally has a couple around. Phone number is 401-273-1860. tell them chuck recommended that you call.

My guess would be piston wrist pin. You could ignore it, and it may never get worse.

Knocking is subjective. Could be anything from a bad ring, to lifters, to pre-ignition.

Is it metallic? Does it sound like a diesel when running? Is it one cylinder or multiple?