Stereo Security

I got a new stereo for Christmas, complete with satellite radio and direct iPod connection. I have it installed in the dash, and the Ipod sits in my glovebox, always plugged in. The satellite antenna is pretty low profile, and once the top is off, I can pretty much conceal it. The stereo itself is just held in by the two screws that are easily accessible. My plan right now is to buy a Tuffy glove box to keep the Ipod and stereo face locked up in when the top is off. Do you guys think this is a good idea, or do you think some idiot may still try to steal the unit, even without the face?

I’d say, better safe than sorry!

IMO, most of the time it’s smash and grab, usually be cause they see something worth it. if they go for the glove box and can’t get in they’ll look for an easy score. you should be alright as long as you take off the face plate.

I usually buy a flat ground wire cable and bolt it to the back of the head unit, then install. Once the stereo is installed you secure the other end to the fire wall some where using non flat head / Philips style bolts… (metric, hex, etc…)

thats a good idea cookiemanx7

I second that. Thanks!