Steel wheels

I’m looking for 5 old school style wheels for my cj5. They should be 5x5.5x15" 7 or 8 inches wide. I think I should be able to find some at a junkyard, maybe off an old Ford or Dodge pickup. Figured I’d post here first. I’m also looking for a stock front bumper for it too. May have to buy that new though.

Paul, check out Jacks Auto Salvage in Bristol, RI. Last time I was there, they had a few CJ5’s that looked somewhat in decent shape and there pretty cheap on there prices too.

Thanks Victor! Anyone feel like doing a junkyard run? I have no idea where this place is although I could GPS it, but figured I’d ask.

easiest way to get there is:

take rt 24 N
take exit to the Mount Hope Bridge
go right at end of ramp
continue straight and go over the mount hope bridge
When you reach the college, you will see a fork in the road. Stay Right
Continue down that road (it’s Metacom Ave in Bristol, RI)
When you come up to the Toyota Dealership, start looking to the left and you will see it.

Jack’s Salvage and Auto Parts
625 Metacom Ave
Bristol, RI 02809-5131
(401) 253-3478

let me know if you see any 8.8’s out there

Jeeps unlimited in providence.

Today i dragged out of my shed 2 stock steel rims (black) that i have had for a looong time i think it belonged to my 79 f-150, if you think you can use them Paul let me know and i’ll bring them this weekend since we are meeting at your house :wink:

They might work! If the lug pattern is 5 on 5.5 and it’s not too much trouble to bring them, send it in! Thanks Joe.

Ok Paul i’ll measure them and if they are 5 on 5 1/2 i wont mind bringing them to you
your welcome :wink:

they should be 5 on 5.5

Joe, those tires that you had in the backyard that I said I may be interested in, and we never got to talk about them. Could you give me the size, and age on them? I’ve got a complete set of 33"x12.5"x15" BFG All Terrrains that are in close to new condition that I may consider trading.

Oh yeah we did forget huh lol, i will check and let you know Paul :sunglasses:

got the rims in the jeep but forgot to check lug pattern lol :laughing: think it should fit
and the tires are 215/75/15 dont know when it was made i looked but couldn’t find it

From the south, Jacks will be before Bristol Toyota. Look for the 1776 and Stop and Shop on your left. There is a set of lights there, just after that, Jacks will also be on your left. If you get to Benny’s, you have gone too far.