Standard vs auto for muddier/beginner crawler?

first off, I am an experienced standard driver. But I’m starting my search for a TJ and want it for light crawling and mudding. Part of me thinks an auto would be a better fit. Could someone point me in the right direction to possibly help me make a descision?

I’m bias but automatic AW4! Great first gear.

That is what I was thinking too.

My buddy filled his aw4 with water 3 times and used power steering fluid in it and it still works just fine. My preference is auto no worries about rolling back wards on hills or rocks. And only 2 pedals to play with and 2 feet to work them

Manual shifts are fine if you have the granny low first and deep axle gearing. The 4:1 transfer case found in Rubicon models is also nice.

Otherwise automatic.

Appreciate all the info guys.

I started off in my TJ with a stick… although it was good, I found that I always had to shift at the worst times…by the way it is amazing how fast you can start a jeep while rolling backwards…ha… I ended up switching my TJ from a stick to an AW4 and love it!

I have a stick on my JK and TJ have been offroading the TJ for 5+ years now and with the addition of a hand throttle see no reason to have a Automatic… i like the ability to try a hill starting off in second gear or to crawl a little slower/faster and keep it in one gear. My first JK was a automatic and I am happier with the 6 speed for the most part…

Plus if you believe facebook a stick is a great theft deterrent. :laughing:

I have the Aw4 and without fail I can handle anything in my clearance and a little higher than my jeep can handle. I am rough on my jeep even daily driving and never fail my auto works great. I drive standard and on the trail I prefer auto for a few of the previously stated reasons.

Is the aw4 standard on a TJ?

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The AW4 is the automatic for the Jeeps. The most common Tranny for the TJ was either The AX-5 for the 2.5L and the AX15 for the 4L. Both being manual transmissions.

I meant is that the stock transmission for an automatic keep.

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I like my auto

The Aw4 is common auto for jeeps in that year range. It is uncommon to have an auto TJ though.

If you are going to swap over to an Auto… the cheapest way would be to get one from another TJ of the same year as yours. Personally if you are going to go through all the trouble, find an Cherokee (XJ) and remove most of the parts from that. The AW4 was never offered in the TJ, probably due to the extra length of it (1.5 inches). Switching over to the AW4 gives you overdrive and an electronically controlled trans. you will need to find a parts XJ to get a lot of parts from it, a Sye and you will need to have a driveshaft shortened (get the one from the front of the XJ).

The other thing you will need to do is to wire the trans to the TJ which I can help you with. Personally, I think it was well worth the effort! You can check mine out of you go to the christmas run…