SSW "Toys for Tots" "Fun Run" 12-3-2011


We will be holding our 3rd annual fun run on 12-03-2011. There will be a trail ride at the location where we held our 2010 “Earth Day Clean-up” departing at 11am.

Meeting Location:

Indian Springs Plaza
2979 County St (Route 138)
Somerset, MA

Our first year we filled 3 rather large donation boxes with toys from our small group. Last year we are invited other clubs. We were attempting to “Fill the Trailer”. It was a very successful second year. The trailer wasn’t full floor to ceiling, but it was filled up on the huge floor.

This year, we are going to once again inviting other clubs to join us.

So please bring a new unwrapped toy for donation please. If you can’t attend the day of and want to donate, you can bring a new unwrapped toy to any SSW Event between now and 12-03-2011

Drop off Point will be in Somerset, MA

Photo’s from previous year’s “Fun Run” Toy events.

We talked about this event at the club meeting last weekend.

I was at this event last year (but not the trail ride part). I would be there again this year except I will be out of town the weekend of the 3rd. If somebody else will be there then let me know and I will get you some toys to drop off.

Eric, I’ll be attending the run.
Let me know if I can help.
I should be going by you on tuesday night for the M&G.

Ernie :mrgreen:

Mike will be there. I will not. Again. So sad.

Anybody else going? My travel plans got blown away so I at least plan to drop off some toys. I’m waiting for a replacement steering box and my rig will not be ready. If its going to be a short trail ride then I might join if somebody has a seat.

Mike will. It’s a short, easy trail, but still fun. Text him if you want to ride along. 774.219.2529

If I bring the JK, I’ll have 3 open seats. If I bring the CJ, I will have 1. I haven’t decided yet what I’m driving.

Change of plans. Mike has to work on Saturday (for double time) so he wont be able to make it.
Steve, what is the best way to get the toys to you? We picked up a few…

I am planning on going baring any last minute change. I’ll confirm on Friday.

Give me a call… we can get together somewhere in the middle. We live so far away from each other as you know :smiley:

One more day

just to be clear, meeting spot at 11am?

The plan is for meeting spot at 10:30 with departing at 11am on the trail ride.

I should be there by 10:45

Waiting to get laundry in the dryer then heading out. Need to stop at OSJL on the way to pick up a few things. 10:30 is going to be tight.

Thank you Bob, Bob, and Eric for attending today! Great time, and awsome turnout.