Squeaky sound coming from rear end of my 03 jeep?

Only makes the noise from the rear end when it’s moving? Kinda like a whirling squeak? Any idea what it could be?

Does the sound change in respect to your speed or does it stay constant?

It is slow when just creeping then it seems with every revolution of the drive shaft it goes faster and sound like a whirring

Okay, I would start by looking at the brakes, hub, axle, and differential. Could be something simple as something in lodged in to one of the exposed rotating parts. It could be a bad bearing in either the hub or diff.

1- check the driveshaft for rust powder coming from any of the caps on the rear ujoint
2- pull the traps for the rear joint pop the shaft off the rear an see if the ujoint move freely
3 if you have rear disc brakes see if the warning scraper is touching the rotor( if this is the problem touching the brake pedal usually makes it stop .

And when all else fails . . . crank up the music.

I have an audio of the sound? Can anyone share their email address and i can email them the video of the sound? I would really like to know what it is before i go to a mechanic? Also if anyone knows a decent mechanic in the area i can go to?

My email is jason.dahl12@gmail.com



Its virtually impossible to diagnose something by sound. You need to crawl under there and inspect. Put rig on jackstands, remove wheels, rotate the driveline, then watch/listen. Also unbolt driveshaft and check u-joints.

So,it’s all three ujoints on my drive shaft and the front differental is leaking oil so I need to drain and replace gasket and fill with oil again. Having fun really does have a price

No gasket needed for the Diff Cover, Permatex RTV black is all I’ve ever used.

The repair shops I worked for in the past all used Permatex black and it is all I ever used.

Of course this assumes its leaking from the cover and not the pinion seal. Its not always obvious at first inspection.

This is true, more commonly the cover seal is leaking. I had to replace the rubber bung on the rear in the midst of everything else.