Spare tire to borrow?????

Does anybody have a full-size spare tire (with 5 on 4.5 wheel) I can borrow for the Fall Crawl? Any of the following sizes will suffice: 31x10.5x15, 32x11.5x15, 33x12.5x15, 265/75R16, 285/75R16, 305/70R16.

Thanks! -Eric

i have 4 at 31 10.5 15 but there not mounted. if u got a rim ar anyone does u can borrow it

I have 10.5 X 15 mounted on a tj factory aluminum rim you can use give me a call. My number is the member contact list.

i also have one 31 but its just a regular tire not an a/t or m/t it is mounted tho call if you need it you got my # too bad i didn’t know you needed one till now cause i drove by your house yesterday, didnt have a chance to to check forum till today

I borrowed a spare from Mike (Whitetail) last night. Thanks for the offers!