sounds like crickets

i noticed it here and there but its a lot more noticeable now. i’m wondering if it’s all related to warping rotors to. i’m going to put it up on jackstands this weekend and shake the crap out of everything i can get my hand on. i kind of hope its the bearing then that way i’ll feel more confident in buying new brakes and rotors.

it’s also feeling a little more sloppy while driving, wheel shake and all.

axle u-joint?

how would i know if it’s the U-joint.

i hear it most when i go over bumpy roads like a dirt road.

if it’s a joint in the axle shaft it could squeak like that. Put it in 4wd, reach in an grab one end of it, there shouldn’t be any play in a u-joint. If it’s failing you’ll have play one end of the shaft.

well i found the noise… loose radiator bolt. tightened up, no more crickets. now i just have to figure out whats going on with my brakes

Derick, we’re going to need to know what bug/bird/animal noise your brakes are making before we begin to diagnose it!

no noise. but braking at 45 is like riding one of those old rickety wooden roller coasters. you know the ones that dont really go that fast but the excitement comes from your fear that this thing just might come off the tracks on this next turn and kill everyone on board. i do get the wobble while driving at 45 now, better than a cup of coffee in the morning.

Could be a warped rotor.

this will be my 3rd set of rotors in less than a year. i was hoping whatever was making that noise was going to lead me to whats causing me to warp rotors but it didnt. oh well. i’m just gonna swap them out for slotted rotors and hope for the best.

careful when you flex :laughing: :mrgreen: :wink:

sticky caliper causing a warped rotor?
Maybe go with drilled and slotted to help with heat? (if it turns out to be another warped rotor.)

ya, i’m kind of thinking i just need to change the calipers on both sides and put it out of my mind.

Could your caliper not be returning all the way?

i’m hoping to find the time either friday or sunday to take the tire off and see if there are any visible signs of whats going on.

maybe there are actual crickets under your jeep.

not anymore. i exterminated them with a good old 10mm open end wrench. damn those radiator bolts are tough to get to.

What rotors are you using/constantly replacing? Not all are created equal

the dealership changed them twice while under warranty. they F’ed up twice. i’d rather pay to do it right myself then deal with what they give me one more time.

so i’m gonna do the autozone $250 full front brake replacement

what r u getting. sound expensive for front brakes

i was looking at they had the best online prices for power stop brake components i saw. i’m probably just going to go to Autozone and pay half as much. i’m looking for a high pinion 30 to rebuild over the winter… big plans for next spring! LETS ROCK!!!