Smittybilt JK 4door Cargo Net cover

Jim from Paul Baileys showed us this this morning. Its for a 4 door JK. Its brand new and the guy only wants 50 bucks for it. Brand new over 100. The guys number who is selling is 413-9884 Mark

Cody? Cigar king?

I think they look cool,
waiting on my harken hoist then getting something like this…

I was originally looking at these, but i think it is more convient for those JKU with hard tops since the soft top gets in the way (or has to be removed).
Have either of you guys have (or looked at) the safari straps or dirty dog staps?

This will only fit if you take the soft top completely off, and I don’t think it can be used with the hard top either. We have a similar one that is collecting dust… If you can garage it, it is a cool accessory.