Slider build

Finally got my rocker replacement build underway today. And not a moment too soon because the original rockers have seen better days:

The basic structure is 4"x4"x3/16" wall tubing. Whats left of the original rockers will be cut out and the new rockers will be tied into the A/B/C pillars. They will also be tied into the uniframe to help resist side loading:

those are sexy

Fun with welding. Looks great

looks good, you planning on welding them to the jeep?


Got the drivers side built today:

Next step is to start hacking off the rocker panels. I’m not looking forward to it.

looks like some nice welds Eric! did you loose your phone today?

YES! Some girl called me and I’m supposed to go pick it up today. But I’m not sure exactly where. I pulled into a small plaza on 102 to double check my steering and figure the phone fell out while I was crawling on the ground. Did you pull in there after me?

No, she called me from your phone. I figured it was yours. it’s a little diner restaurant.

you get it?

Looks good man. Wanted to stop by your place today but didn’t know if you had your phone.

Yes. And it was not on 102. 146a in MA past the McDonalds. I miss the days when cell phones did not exist.


hows the build goin?

Build is on hold until after FC.

in other words keep ur eyes open for black zj doors

I’m on track to start installing these sliders tomorrow. Got my new Magnaflow muffler today (3 days after ordering it) but Rubicon Express f***ed me on the stainless brake hoses even though I ordered at the same time as the muffler. UPS is telling me the delivery date for the hoses is Sept 24th. :astonished:

Where’s Paul???

If you need a hand installing them tomorrow Im around until about 3pm to lend some muscle

Trust me, you don’t want to get involve in this. Its going to get ugly. I can feel it. :laughing:

if i didnt have to work i would give u a hand

so hows it going eric. need a hand with anything?

if not i’m gonna start ripping apart my spare 8.8. my only fear is… i dont have a clue what i’m doing…