Simple Tire Carrier

Everything on the rough draft measures out for mounting a 31 x 10.5 x 15. all out of 2" square tubing. I would enjoy some design input on this. Keep in mind it is a receiver mount that swings down away from the rear door.

You should keep the upright vertical. With those bends its going to be flexible and very susceptible to fatigue cracking. As a general rule, its alway good to minimize bending loads in any structural design.

Lowering and lifting the tire to open the hatch will get old very quickly. You might consider a swing-away instead of swing-down design.


I know on my TJ I have banged the tire carrier on trees and rocks etc. If you do anything I would suggest getting it higher off the bumper and triangualte it somehow to the highpoints… My old stock carrier got a “fast back tilt” over time and seemed to hang up less when that happened until I bought a tire carrier bumpha from crown. Same as the warn design for the TJ / w/o the “W” cutouts or the price tag…

so for a stick jeep the tire carrier is to the left and the top is stock plumb design and the bottom is a “fast back rake”



Design it to hold a 35 inch tire just because its inevitable.

I hear you all on it.
Eric was wasn’t thinking weight distribution on the initial thought. TY for bringing it to attention.

Derek I was looking at a 2.5" square tube sleeve system with a few bolts to change the length of the upper part for a max of 13.5" tire thickness but you are totally right in making sure it can handle larger.

Tire carrier $35 2 hour work

looks good, my only concern would be the size/weight of the tire would put a lot of stress on the hitch side mounting point being there is no lateral stability in your design. that would be an awfully large fulcrum when on the trail, or even most of these rhode island roads with the weight of that tire being tossed side to side

With the stock tire carrier and a 33" tire i used to hit it all the time while climbing things…

I would hate to see what happens when it catches while climbing a hill.