Sign up thread for OSJ P-Bruin's night 10/26

Friday, October 26th

Tickets are $17 and must be paid for in advance in order to get the group seating. You can either paypal me directly for the tickets ( or pay me the night of the event. I will use my CC to purchase the tickets. Please only sign up here if you are sure you are coming.

Sign up here:

  1. Stacey PAID
  2. Mike PAID
  3. Matt M. PAID
  4. Derick
  5. Krissie
  6. Eric
  7. Gene
  8. Jess
  9. Jay
  10. Nancy
  11. AJ
  12. Cathy
  13. Roxie PAID
  14. Kurt
  15. Mike (Gene’s friend)
  16. Jamie
  17. Cody
  18. Melissa
  19. Ryan PAID
  20. Ryans friend PAID

P-Bruins’ nights are a regular event for OSJ. This is a special event and we have to WEAR PINK!! If you aren’t man enough to sport the color, then, well… :unamused: :laughing:

Hope everyone can make it. It’s sure to be a good time. We will probably meet up for some dinner before hand at Trinity Brewhouse and then go over to RiRa for some after game cocktails.

count me in!

Krissie and I are in

I’m game.

Me and jess are in

Shall we send a PM blast?

Food & drink at Murphy’s or Trinity before the game?

nance and i are in

what time do you think we will be meeting at murphs

I would shoot for 5:30 if possible. Do they take reservations? Its typically jammed on game night.

i think they might. i’ll call tomorrow

I can get there early if needed, i get out of work at 330

as of now the nance and i might be cutting it close. her coworker will be on vaca and she will be providing the coverage. she works in newport and typically gets out at 5pm

If Murphy’s doesn’t take reservations, I know that Trinity will.

Looking like the best turnout for hockey night so far. What’s the deadline for tickets?

Does anybody have something pink that I can wear? Nevermind . . . I have an idea . . .

if anything i may be a game time decision and just show up, do you know what section you will be in, if i go i’ll stop by and visit.

Should be able to make it for the game if not Murphy’s/Trinity. The real fun starts after the game anyway.

thatd be worst case senario

I’m in! I’m unsure of who to root for, since I’m a die hard bruins hater. I think I’ll root for beer.

Don’t feel bad. I don’t even know what icing is.

i just like to yell…