sheet metal break

I need to make some throughwall flashing for the new house. Looking to make it out of 0.032" painted aluminum. Anybody have the means to get that done?

I might have a role of white alum, let me check my shop

It needs to be about 12" if you have some we can just field bent something on Sunday.

I have a small sheet metal break if you need it. Its like 12" or 18"

Thanks josh but I’m trying to get full length flashing with no seams, better for weather resistance. Looks like home depot rents them out. I’ll have to see how much they are.

Derick, I have a standard 9’ length aluminum siding metal break. Should work fine for what your doing. Let me know if your interested.

Would probably work great. Even if I could just make my 2 or 3 pieces and go, that would be fine. Thank you.