Shaft collar

Anybody know a local store where I can get one of these for a 3/8" rod:

I need one of these to keep my transfer case linkage from slipping out of its mounting bracket. I already checked Gomer Depot and Blowes. Tractor Supply maybe?

Go to any machine shop they should have them, or even Tractor Supply may have them

Have you tried someplace like Fastenal? I worked at an ACE and we used to carry them too.

can you drill a hole through it and use a cotter pin?

The shaft is only 3/8" diameter. Drilling a hole would probably weaken it too much. Besides that, the way it keeps popping out there must be quite a bit of thrust load. I’m not even sure a collar with a set-screw will do the job. I really want one that clamps on. After alot of searching I find that Fastenal is listed as a distributor for a company that makes exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately, every time I have tried dealing with Fastenal they want to sell me a whole box, not a single item. I’ll see what they say.

Have you tried Mc Master-Carr?

Never heard of them. Just checked the website and they have them. Not only that, they have two-piece units so I don’t have to pull the shaft to get it on. Looks like they don’t have a local presence but a great source nonetheless.

So when I reached up under and measured the shaft with a tape measure I got 3/8". What do you think the chances are that the shaft is really 10 mm, which is 0.475 mm larger than 3/8", so when I try to fit a 3/8" collar it will not fit? Guess I better drive home and get an accurate measurement before I click the button. Thanks.

can you thread the end of it and put a nut on it?

sorry i dont know what your looking at so i’m just guess

Eric, if you can get an exact measurement, there’s a place near me that carries all sorts of fasteners. I can swing by to see if they have what you need.


I hope . . .